The Eurotrol offer includes an entire range of products for all sectors and uses concerning primary wastewater treatment

Experience, professionalism and innovation constitute a genuine guarantee. The careful selection of distributed products aims to ensure their highest quality, while research and study are a guarantee for those branded as Eurotrol MWG, engineered by Eurotrol and manufactured by selected and qualified third-party companies.

Born in 2015, the brand has established a genuine leadership in the European market.

In 2016, the exclusive design of more than 18 models of cabinets and brine tanks was filed by Eurotrol with the European Union, with the EU design registration number no 003 156 272.


our valves satisfy any softening or filtration application. Suitable in both residential and industrial contexts, including for[...]

Pressure vessels

are suitable both for drinking and industrial use water treatment systems. They are certified for contact with drinking water in[...]

Brine tanks

Eurotrol’s brine tanks are ideal for both domestic and industrial water softeners. Additional accessories are available on[...]


Eurotrol’s cabinets are high performing. They can be customised on request according to customer requirements and can be[...]

Membranes R.O.

are the optimal choice to meet the different needs of residential or industrial facilities which require products for reverse[...]

Vessels R.O.

white-painted on the outside, are a very flexible tool suitable for any configuration, coupled with their pertinent[...]

U.V sterilisers and spare parts

available in both single-lamp and multi-lamp versions. Compact in polished stainless steel AISI 304, with the possibility of[...]

Filter cartridges

this vast range of filter cartridges is supplied with containers, spare parts and accessories. Several models of polyphosphate[...]


the wide range of resins and suitable filter media is perfect for softening or filtering water for every possible application[...]

Domestic RO components

the filter cartridges also feature containers, spare parts and accessories. BRAND: MWG, VONTRON,[...]


Suitable for residential and commercial water softening applications, as coffee machines, dishwashers, microwave ovens. Tank in[...]