In a worldwide context of growing attention to water-related issues, we pursue our business goals without ever losing sight of the compass of values that have characterized this family business since its foundation.

Through skills gained over the years, attentive listening to customers and their needs, we are a solid and reliable partner when it comes to primary water treatment components.

We are convinced that dreams come true when each team member feels like a meaningful, valued, and involved part within the working organization: the respect and spirit of collaboration between people are among the strategic assets that allow us to continue to grow and evolve.

Passion, courage, and an insatiable curiosity do the rest.


To guide partners in choosing the best components for water treatment”

We select, produce, and distribute components and state-of-the-art solutions for primary water treatment worldwide.

We are constantly searching for excellent and innovative products certified and guaranteed.
We offer our customers a wide selection of components and a fully tailor-made service: from a highly specialized technical advice to order placement, through a flexible and meticulous after-sales service.


We imagine a world where everyone has the possibility to choose to drink their home water”

We aim to safeguard and ease the sustainable management of such a precious and scarce commodity as water, with respect for the people and the Planet.
We are convinced that only a responsible and far-sighted use of this essential resource will ensure its availability for future generations.