Dear Customer and Supplier,

following the latest news relating to the additional that the Italian government is organizing to counter the spread of Coronavirus, company Eurotrol is taking the related steps to try to guarantee the full operation of the company.

Given that is our duty to comply with the prescriptions and obligations to which our geographical areas must submit, at the same time we will do our best to guarantee to all Customer the continuity of services in relation to the new temporary needs that the territorial economic system requires.

In this regard, we would like to pint out to you that the Management and all our collaborators are demonstrating a considerable commitment so that the production activities of our company do not stop and in any case we will take care of keeping you informed in the event of any changes in the operational activities in the coming days.

We also remind you that in order to comply with the ministerial indications, everyone is asked to avoid visits to our company and that this countermeasure will be reciprocal by our collaborators towards you, any case of extreme necessity of visit will be agreed and appropriately treated.

With regard to the methods of delivery/receipt of goods, we kindly please you to inform your collaborators and/or drivers, below some notes on the matter:

1. Use of protective dispositives (Protective Masks);

2. During loading and unloading operations it is obligatory to keep the safety distance of at least 1 mt. by our warehouse staff;

3. The transport documentation will be sent electronically if possible and, if not, we ask you to comply as much as possible with the regulations relating to the maintenance of the minimum safety distance of 1 mt. by our warehouse staff;

4. Prohibition on the use of company toilets;

5. Prohibition of circulation in our plant (Coffee, food dispensers, other needs).

Today, more than ever, the responsibility of each of us to the indispensable collaboration and attention to the measures communicated is essential for the health and well-being of all.

Thank you,

Eurotrol S.p.A.


Leoni Patrizia

Leoni Fabrizio