The continuous and unpredictable evolution of the emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19 is forcing companies to operate in conditions of profound uncertainty with a consequent increase in economic and business risk.

Eurotrol spa, with the intention of not wanting to cause further economic damage to its suppliers, but also and above all for moral and ethical professional obligations, has decided to commit itself to respecting the payments and deadlines of its suppliers.

While aware of the emergency and difficulties, we expect our customers to continue to honor the due payments on time, thus allowing us to continue our business of supplying components for water treatment and guaranteeing a very essential assistance service in this moment.

Eurotrol spa reports as of now that it will not be able to satisfy in any way the requests for remodeling of current payments and of the coming months to expire. Failure to pay deadlines will automatically result in administrative blocking, which will prevent the insertion of new orders and new deliveries in progress, even if already confirmed.

We are sure that you will understand that these actions are aimed at maintaining the production cycle of our country, so that we can return to its normalcy in the shortest possible time, we send our best regards.

Fabrizio Leoni CEO

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