In Eurotrol, sustainability is a forward-looking attitude.

We have decided to embark on a virtuous journey of social, environmental, and governance responsibility, firmly convinced that respect for the people and the Planet is the foundation of a solid and lasting business.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the release of our first sustainability reporting, a document that represents a major step in the process of transforming Eurotrol’s growth strategy in order to remain competitive in years to come.

There is a long way to go: sustainability is an ongoing process that cannot be developed alone, but only through to the active contribution of all the stakeholders who share our goals and dreams.

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“I try to recognize and reward the commitment and value of people, taking care of gender equality, work-life balance and offering opportunities to grow, also through lifelong learning.”

This is how our CEO, Patrizia Leoni, answers Forbes journalists asking her about her experience leading this Italian family business.

The interview covered several key topics for Eurotrol, including women’s approach to entrepreneurship and the launch of the first voluntary sustainability report; Patrizia Leoni told the story of her company, highlighting the commitment and determination it took to make it one of the top international distributors of primary water treatment components and solutions.

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We are glad to announce our partnership with Pentair to exclusively distribute in Italy the Autotrol valve range with the new Easy-IQ controller!

The valves stand out for their extreme user-friendliness: an intuitive backlit multi-lingual display allows quick and effortless programming, while the USB-C port guarantees fast and easy software updates.

And that’s not all: the “Vacation Mode” allows you to pause all operations at any time.

To find out more, contact a Eurotrol Area Manager: https://www.eurotrol.it/en/contact/

CATALOGUE 2024: all the latest&greatest


Our new 2024 Product Catalogue is officially available, and you will find a selection of new products, too:

  • PFAS Removal Resins
  • Non-electric Softening Valves
  • Backwash Filter Valves
  • WS1IA Clack Valves
  • MWG Dome Hole Pressure Tanks
  • Neoprene Jackets for Pressure tanks
  • Splash Cabinets with Separated Brine Chamber
  • 3013 Vessel Membrane in PP
  • Standard and Big Empty Cartridges
  • MWG Standard and Big Pleated Filter Cartridges
  • MWG Standard 2-piece Filter Housings
  • MWG Standard and Big 3-piece Filter Housings
  • MWG Big 3-piece Filter Housings, with and without Bypass
  • MWG Self-cleaning, Automatic Filters and Manual Filters
  • MWG Stainless Steel Filter Housings for Hot Water and Cartridges
  • Multi-Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housings
  • MWG Single-cartridge Filter Housings and Bag Filter Housings in PP
  • MWG Rocket Filter Housings in PP and String-wounded/ Melt-blown Cartridges
  • MWG Euroflow Filters
  • Y Filter

Flip through it to find the perfect components for you!


Eurotrol new Headquarters in Castano Primo (MI)

A new chapter is about to begin for our company!

From 27 May, our offices and warehouse will be fully operational at the new headquarters:

Eurotrol, Via del Lavoro 5, Castano Primo (MI).

The new spaces, covering more than 16,000 m², will allow us to offer a faster and more efficient service to our customers.

Stay tuned!

Eurotrol, Italian market leader
in primary water treatment components,
at IFAT Munich for the first time

The Milan-based B2B company operating since 2000 – which distributes leading brand components and solutions for primary water treatment – will be present with a stand at the German trade fair from 13 to 17 May. The fair is the most important worldwide for environmental technologies related to sustainable water, raw materials and waste management.

It will be an opportunity to underscore the value of “water treatment as a virtuous practice” and to showcase the components from the portfolio: cabinets, brine tanks, valves, pressure tanks, filter cartridges, vessels, membranes, resins, osmosis components, and above all the new MWG-branded in-house products.

Eurotrol, the Italian company based in Milan and market leader in the international distribution of components and solutions for primary water treatment, will be exhibiting at IFAT, the world’s leading event for sustainable water, raw materials and waste management, which will be held in Munich from 13 to 17 May (stand 416 hall A2).

Founded in 2000 and a second-generation family business, Eurotrol is now under the female leadership of CEO Patrizia Leoni. For almost two years now, the third generation of the family has also joined the company ranks, destined to propel Eurotrol into the future.

This trade fair represents the ideal opportunity to meet new prospective customers, illustrating not only the wide range of components in the catalogue and the new products under the MWG proprietary brand, but also all the customer-oriented services, from technical product advice to a comprehensive logistics service, that constitute the added value of this unique company.

“Follow the Flow of Water” reads the claim: at Eurotrol, water is a family affair that flows from one generation to the next, and this new international forum will serve to reaffirm the central role of water treatment, not only as the company’s core business, but in a broader horizon of a virtuous practice for the responsible use of this resource. At IFAT, the leading products of primary water treatment will be on display: valves, cabinets, vessels, membranes, brine tanks, pressure tanks, cartridges, filters, resins of the top brands and all the new MWG-branded products.

Established in 2014, the MWG brand encompasses a wide range of products designed and engineered in-house; 18 Design Patents have been registered in the European Union for cabinets and brine tanks, which Eurotrol can personalize according to customer requirements.

The solutions offered by Eurotrol, in business for over 20 years, are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Over the years, the company has carved out a significant position in the competitive water treatment components market. More than 1,700 customers are served worldwide, with 4,500 referenced components in stock in a warehouse occupying more than 12,000 square metres.

“Our participation in this prestigious trade fair”, said Patrizia Leoni, “has not only a professional significance geared towards the expansion of the sector’s business activities, but also a symbolic one, associated with the presence of an Italian company like ours on an occasion where solutions are being sought to address the need, critical at this time, for urgent action on the issue of water and, more generally, on the consumption of resources.

Building on its experience in the field of water treatment and on the know-how gained over many years, Eurotrol offers innovative solutions that take into account a wide range of needs: from those of large partners to minor household applications.

We are particularly proud of our MWG brand, which offers reliable, quality components.

While we will certainly be attending IFAT to meet new business partners, we will also be open to new ideas and to take advantage of the insights that an event at the forefront of issues relating to sustainability can offer, and which will allow us to look at the world of water treatment from a different perspective”.

Guiding our partners in the selection of the best water treatment components, working every day with passion and curiosity, imagining a world in which everyone has the option of drinking water at home: these are the principles that drive Eurotrol.

The comprehensive range of excellent safe products and spare parts always in stock, pre- and post-sales technical advice, combined with fast delivery all over the world, make Eurotrol the ideal partner for the most demanding water plant builders.

Eurotrol started out as a distributor for Italy of softening and filtration valves. The market has since expanded throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and the product portfolio has never stopped expanding, thanks to the continuous selection of new products of certified quality. From a handful of employees at the beginning of this adventure, the company has grown to 51, with many managerial positions held by women.

And the growth shows no sign of stopping.

Eurotrol, more than just a product.

Milan, May 2024

Destination IFAT Munich: 10 days left to go 

The countdown has started: get ready to share this experience with us at IFAT Munich. There are ONLY 10 DAYS to go until the start of this event in which we will take part for the first time with our own stand.

During this exhibition dedicated to sustainability and environmental challenges, you will learn about the latest news and trends in the circular management of resources and water: an unmissable opportunity!


STAND. A2.416

13-17 May 2024

We will be delighted to welcome you to our spaces, not only to unveil the whole range of components in our catalogue and the latest products of our MWG brand, but also to introduce you to all the tailor-made services dedicated to our customers, from technical advice to integrated logistics to manage shipments at every stage.

Eurotrol people will be there to explain the technical features and advantages of the main solutions, helping you to choose the most suitable ones for your specific needs, or those of your customers.

It will be the perfect opportunity for us to meet new partners and exchange ideas and points of view that will help us see the world of primary water treatment from a new perspective.

Come visit us, we are waiting for you!

3Reasons (+1) to Visit Our Stand at IFAT Munich 2024  

IFAT Munich is coming up, and we can’t wait to take part in this event! 

Do you know why you should come and visit us? 

Discover our New MWG Products

On our stand you can discover new MWG products: we will be happy to unveil our primary water treatment components and solutions. 

Explore Trends in Sustainable Water Management

IFAT Munich is the ideal occasion to explore emerging trends for a sustainable resources (and water!) management. 

Eurotrol: much more than a product 

Eurotrol is much more than a vast portfolio of top-quality products for water treatment: it is an ideal 360° partner, committed to supporting you at all stages of the purchasing process. 

From the technical advice of our specialized engineers, to the fast and punctual deliveries managed by our integrated logistics department, up to a customer service that is always there to assist you, your satisfaction is our main goal. 

One More Reason: Protect the Environment through GoGreen Tickets 

We have chosen GoGreen tickets for our partners coming to the exhibition. 

By attending IFAT with us you will actively contribute to compensate CO₂ emissions generated during the fair, giving your support to the environment. 

What are you waiting for? We look forward to meeting you at our stand! 



Stand A2.416 

13-17 May 2024 


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For every detail please to read carefully the document attached, do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.

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The continuous and unpredictable evolution of the emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19 is forcing companies to operate in conditions of profound uncertainty with a consequent increase in economic and business risk.

Eurotrol spa, with the intention of not wanting to cause further economic damage to its suppliers, but also and above all for moral and ethical professional obligations, has decided to commit itself to respecting the payments and deadlines of its suppliers.

While aware of the emergency and difficulties, we expect our customers to continue to honor the due payments on time, thus allowing us to continue our business of supplying components for water treatment and guaranteeing a very essential assistance service in this moment.

Eurotrol spa reports as of now that it will not be able to satisfy in any way the requests for remodeling of current payments and of the coming months to expire. Failure to pay deadlines will automatically result in administrative blocking, which will prevent the insertion of new orders and new deliveries in progress, even if already confirmed.

We are sure that you will understand that these actions are aimed at maintaining the production cycle of our country, so that we can return to its normalcy in the shortest possible time, we send our best regards.

Fabrizio Leoni CEO

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